Traffic engineering
Ship construction

For the area of ship construction, we supply you with products made of high-grade steel for maritime applications. We produce corrosion-resistant products for applications both in the inner and the outer area:

Railings, hand-rails made of high-grade steel, illumination elements, stairs made of high-grade steel

and much more.

Star-shaped ceiling lamp
Star-shaped ceiling lamp

In cooperation with the object design office Lindner, Schletter manufactured a ceiling lamp for the cruise ship AIDA. The lamp is made of silver-coated aluminum with yellow decoration elements. Each of the the six lamp sectors is equipped with two chain-driven electric motors which allow easy tube exchanges. The coverings can be opened by the push of a button. With its total diameter of about 21 meters and a weight of 2280 kg, this lamp now decorates the bar on deck 10 of the cruise ship.